The Bohemian Bride Style Guide


To get into the spirit of the wedding that I'm going to tonight and my own upcoming wedding, I've put together a little bohemian bride style guide.  This is an eclectic mix of things I've found from searching for my own wedding accessories from some of my favorite designers and online stores.  

What is a bohemian bride?

A bohemian bride can take her look in any direction she chooses.  She loves to be one of a kind, mysterious, free spirited and comfortable.  She adores handmade, crafty, exotic, vintage, meaningful and unique accessories.  Each little piece tells a story and holds a special memory to her. 

Ideas and Inspirations:

Above is a gorgeous vintage cream dress from Lune Vintage.  If I hadn't already bought my dress, I would definitely snatch this up because it's steal at $60.  As of today, it's still available, but I'm sure it won't be for long.  In my mind it's perfect for a romantic casual outdoor wedding.


When I saw this handmade headpiece on Pinterest, I immediately fell in love with it.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Available on Etsy at Doloris Petunia.

Bridal sash

This sash caught my eye just because it's so unique and I'm a sucker for soft pastel colors.  Available at Rosy Posy Designs on Etsy.

Bridal flats

Wearing heels all night can get tiresome, don't you think?  How adorable are these flats?  Paired with the Lune Vintage dress  Plus each shoe is custom made to your shoe size.  Available at Bobka Baby on Etsy.


I love Moorea Seal's handmade jewelry designs.  They're so modern yet delicate.  Completely my style.  These pretty quartz earrings caught my eye for the big day.  Available at Moorea Seal on Etsy.


I just discovered this wonderful store ran by some free spirited bohemian beauties.  Each mala necklace promotes a different energy.  I thought this Sweetheart Mala would be perfect for the big day because it adds more sweetness and love to your life!  Available at Tiny Devotions.


Last, but not least, a bride needs something blue, right?  How gorgeous is this gold locket?  You can even put a photo of your loved inside.  Available at Emma Gem Shop on Etsy.

There you have it...I'm off to get ready for our friend's big day.  Should be an AMAZING time.  Happy Weekend!