My Secret to Soft Hands

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Have you ever noticed how dry your hands get after washing them?  Well, I think I've found the solution!  I thought of this after I began to notice that every time I wash my hands at work, they would feel extremely dry and I would have to smother them in lotion afterwards.  However, at home, I always wash my hands with Dr. Bronners unscented soap and never have that problem.  After putting two and two together recently, I decided to experiment by bringing a little 2 oz mini bottle of their unscented liquid soap to work and washing my hands with it.  Guess what, the dryness went away!  So... to keep your hands soft at all times, carry one of these little bottles around with you.  They easily fit inside a small purse and they're only like $3.  Plus, it's made out of all organic oils so it's completely non toxic.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  I've been taking advantage of having today off and have been working my little butt off blogging and cleaning the house :)  Lots of work, but some of my favorite shows are on tonight including Bethenny Ever After (I admit, I'm obsessed), The Voice and Smash.  Excited to relax...