Update on Writing Fiction

This summer has been full of ups and downs, but in the end I’m grateful that I’ve been able to spend almost two months focusing more than ever on writing fiction.  I fell in love with writing fiction literally three years ago this month.  I’ve also had a full time job pretty much that entire time.  It’s doable, but hard.  So lately, now that I’ve had some time to really delve into it, things are happening.

First, yes, I am writing a story about these past couple of months.  I’m sure many of you who have been following me on the blog or subscribe to the newsletter are absolutely confused by my vague posts as of late.  Essentially, my boyfriend and I moved into our forms of transportation (see, I still have a hard to time saying it) through the summer to save money.  Yes…we lived in our cars.  Yes, it was nutty, but this is Southern California!  San Diego!  It’s not like it was that gnarly.  Kind of like #vanlife without the travel.  And yes, I have a lot of hippie tendencies (survived Burning Man for a week in a tent, so #carlife didn’t seem too bad) and no, I have no desire to be a bum.  

FYI, we do live in an awesome apartment now a block from the beach…and you don’t know how much I appreciate it.

My main goal for doing this was to be able to save enough money to focus on writing for at least a couple of months.  That has happened and it’s definitely accelerated my writing so that’s good.  Very good.

So here’s what’s in the works.

A collection of modern love stories.  It’s in the process, as we speak, of being edited.  I will be self-publishing it on Amazon in the near, hopefully, very near future.  I can’t tell you how eager I am to share this with you and whoever else wants to read it.  A couple of these stories I’ve been working on for years now…I am ready for them to be out of my head and in yours.

I’m finishing up a horror story.  Now, I am not horror writer, but I do like a scary stories and movies.  This one takes place in the 80s.  I’ve creeped myself out while writing it, so I guess that’s a good sign.

And a summer of car living.

That’s three for now.  There are more I’ve been working on for awhile, including that novel…that elusive novel.  I need to finish this other stuff first and I’m working as fast as I can.  However, I’m a perfectionist so it’s kind of taking a long time.  

Don’t forget to check back or subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated.  I’m planning on giving away the short story collection for free the first week…stay tuned my friends.