Kate Bello

It's been an interesting two months.  It's been a hard two months.  Long story short, I've been nomadic since the beginning of May in order to save money to quit my job and focus on writing.  Writing fiction in particular, which I haven't really talked about much on here, but it's been my main focus, or I've wanted it to be my main focus. 

So today is my last day at my full time day job.  A great job that is definitely bittersweet (and scary) to leave, but you have to take risks to do what you really want.  At least that's my philosophy and now that I know what I really, really want to focus on, I feel good about throwing all my eggs in one basket and trying to make it happen. 

So fiction...I've wanted to post more about it on here, but the truth is I haven't been ready because of the time constraints.  I have about four novellas and one novel in the works, and three or four short stories finished.  It takes a lot of time to write, edit, get critiqued and rewrite so I'm incredibly excited to finally have that time and not only spend my time doing what I enjoy, but to finish some of these stories that have been floating in my head for the last three years, basically driving me nuts.  I have to get them out.

That being said, I'm hoping to get some of my short stories on Amazon for free by the way, to give my readers a taste of my fiction...soonish.  So stay posted. 

In the meantime, I'm also hoping to get out more with my camera now that I have some free time and post at least somewhat regularly on here, lol.  That's always been my Achilles heel...regular, consistent posting.  And the newsletter, which I will now be making an effort to do on a regular basis now that I have time.  All of this while enjoying a bed when I come across one.