A Walking Satire?

Blogger, health nut, Burning Man attendee…what else…some who know me might call me a bit hipster.  I got one of those hipster hats from Urban to keep the sun out of my face at the beach, but let’s face it, I wear wherever, whenever I can.

I believe in astrology.  You think I'm kidding.  And I do a lot of yoga and believe in the power of energy and maybe crystals.  Definitely past lives.

Ah.  I try to eat a plant-based diet (vegan, kinda), although I’ve been sucking at this lately.  I only buy organic.  I shop at Whole Foods way too much.   Once I move into a home, which will be soon, I’ll be shopping at Jimbos instead…a local health food store (see, I support local businesses) although Whole Foods does have a bomb salad bar (can’t deny it, even though I sort of want to) that I’ve been feasting upon for about the last month.  I had a dream last night that everything in the store was half off on Wednesdays only to wake up, disappointed, that it’s actually only a $1.50 off the salad bar.

There’s more…I’ve been a nomad recently.  It’s literally all the rage on Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc.  Actually, I’ve been a digital nomad…a local digital nomad.  That’s new.

For the most part, I’m calm.   But sometimes I feel like Patrick Bateman in the chapter, A Glimpse of a Thursday Afternoon, of American Psycho, although lately, in the last two weeks or so...this has not been the case.

As I write stories or here on the blog, sometimes I question myself…I’m an asshole?  Or at least, is that how I come across?  This concerns me.  I’m actually quite sensitive.  But my Mercury is in Scorpio, which causes me to go against the grain intellectually (even if I don’t want to) and delve into the dark, gritty side of things (even if I don’t want to).  

Aliester Crawley, Snoop Dog and Ryan Goseling all have their Mercury in Scorpio, which doesn’t explain a lot about me, but at least I’m in good company.  Ryan Gosleing.